Double Striker Boxer

Double Striker Boxer

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Great machine that combinates 2 features; 

Boxer and Kicker 

Suitable for: 3 Person 

Equipment: Double Strike 

Guidelines: Teenage & Adults 

Note 1: Arcade will be Placed on the Ground Floor Only Placing Arcades in Basement & Upper Floors are Conditional to the Size of the Stairway 

Note 2: Please Check the Product Dimensions to Ensure it will Fit Through any Doors or Entrances & that there is Enough Flat Surface Area for it 

Note 3: Moving the Product is not Allowed & the Client is Responsible for any Damages that Might Happen if it's Moved 

Note 4: The Game will be Collected Next Day in the Morning 

Important Notice: Please Ensure Ample Space and Check Dimensions Before Ordering

Dimension: W:140cm / L:142cm / H:227cm