Red Dog Stuff Animal Ride

Red Dog Stuff Animal Ride

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''Enjoy 4 hours of thrilling playtime with our friendly animal rides for kids! Each ride provides a fun-filled hour of excitement after a full charge. To ensure an optimal playtime experience, we kindly request a charging period of 2 to 3 hours before the next adventure. Thank you for your understanding and happy riding!"

 Suitable for: 1 Person

Equipment: Red Dog Stuff Animal Ride 

Guidelines: Children Above the Age of 2 Years

Note1: Please Check the Product Dimensions to Ensure it will Fit and that there is Enough Flat Surface Area for it
Note2: The Client is Responsible for any Damages
Note3: The Game will be Collected next Day in the Morning

Important Notice: Please Ensure Empty The  Space and Check Dimensions Before Ordering, dimensions given below

Dimension: L:1.20cm, H:0.85cm, B: 0.50cm