The Bull

The Bull

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The Bull Ride" promises endless fun and excitement for people seeking an adventurous challenge. Don't miss out on this incredible experience!

Suitable for:  1Person

Activity: The Bull 

Guidelines: Suitable for Above  12 Years 

Note 1:  "The Bull Ride" can only be installed on the ground floor. Our professional and experienced staff will be present to operate the game and ensure everything runs smoothly.

Note 2: Please check the product dimensions to ensure it will fit through any doors/entrances, and that there is enough flat surface area for it.

Note 3: Moving the product is not allowed and the client is responsible for any damages that might happen if it's moved

Note 4: Please check the above notes, as no refunds will be accepted on the day of delivery.

Important Notice: Please Ensure Empty the Space and Check Dimensions Before Ordering

Dimension: L:1 m 70cm/  H:4 meter/ Diameter: 4 Meter