Trampoline - Play ground

Trampoline - Play ground

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Trampoline, an elevated resilient webbed bed or canvas sheet supported by springs in a metal frame and used as a springboard for tumbling. Trampolining, or rebound tumbling, is an individual sport of acrobatic movements performed after rebounding into the air from the trampoline

Installing a playground can set you apart from your competitors and make your park the most attractive option for large groups or families.

Guidelines: Suitable for Children Aged 2 and above

Note1: It will take 2 days for Installation.

Note2: Cannot install it on the beach if the water could reach the game.

Note3: Please check the product dimensions to ensure it will fit through any doors/entrances, and that there is enough flat surface area for it.

Note4: Moving the product is not allowed and the client is responsible for any damages that might happen if it's moved.

Note5: Please check the above notes, as no refunds will be accepted on the day of delivery.

Dimension: H:290cm/L:623cm/W:500cm